Crisis in Haiti

Haiti in Chaos: How You Can Help Victims and Explain Earthquake to Students

The world is heartbroken by the enormity of devastation wreaked by this week’s earthquake in Haiti. Thousands of people have been killed, and scores more are desperate for medical care and food.



Photo courtesy of New York Times


The governments of the United States and nations around the world are rushing to aid the tiny, impoverished nation, and individual people everywhere are opening their hearts and wallets.

You, too, can help. This page has links to resources that can help you decide where to send your donations, how to explore aid options and instruct you in ways to teach your children or students about what happened.


Important Links:


NEA Health Information Network Donation and Teaching Tips

Making a monetary donation

Contribute online to the Red Cross

Center for International Disaster Information

USAID’s interactive website


White House Haiti Disaster Information


CNN Student News: Haiti Earthquake

See also CNN's minute-by-minute news updates.


Colorin Colorado: Helping Haitian Students Cope with the Earthquake
From WETA's bilingual literacy site.


Research from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.


Earthquake Lessons Online
From the U.S. Geological Survey. See also the USGS earthquake Web site, utilizing Google Earth maps.


Google Crisis Response
Includes Post-Earthquake Imagery from Google Earth's GeoEye.


Resources for Teaching and Learning About the Earthquake in Haiti From The New York Times. See also The Times Topics Page on Haiti


PBS Newshour Extra
Teaching resources for grades 7-12.


Reading Rockets: It Happened Over There
Promoting understanding and empathy through children's books.

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