$25,000 prize for Solution-Driven Unionism

August 2013



AFT, one of our two national affiliates, has created The Prize for Solution-Driven Unionism. This $25,000 prize will recognize members' outstanding collective work to create solutions that improve their workplaces and communities. The prize will be awarded for extraordinary accomplishments that exemplify the AFT's mission of providing high-quality public education, healthcare and public services for students, families and communities.


State and local affiliates of the AFT, across all constituencies, are eligible to apply. So are groups of AFT members in the workplace (such as a school, university, hospital, state or local government office, for example). Individuals are not eligible, although your application should include the names and roles of the union members instrumental in achieving the success you are describing.


Deadline is August 16, 2013. Details here.



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